About our cause

We are creating a replicable and sustainable affordable housing model for teachers and the missing middle.

Sarah Chaffin (second to the right) leading a Teacher Town Hall Meeting


Advocating for affordable housing for teachers in the Bay Area.  We are personalizing their stories of housing challenges through Teacher Town Halls.


We are creating a replicable and sustainable teacher housing model. We combine vacant and underutilized public and privately owned land with green high-quality low-cost technology and innovative financing.

This model allows the teachers' rent to be subsidized and they are able to save a down payment to buy their own home.

This is a Pilot Program. Once the model is proven it can be replicated for anyone who is a part of the "Missing Middle". Low to moderate income earners who make too much money to qualify for traditional subsidized housing but cannot afford to live where they work. This includes community helpers such as Social Workers, Caregivers, Nursing Assistants, Police Dispatchers, and City/County Employees and those in similar careers.

Sign Up for Those in Need of Teacher Housing


Help Our Teachers Afford To Live Where They Work

  • Help schools recruit and retain teachers so that the Bay Area can have the best schools in the country.

  • Create a sense of community by providing housing to all teachers.

  • Help the Missing Middle onto a path of financial security and homeownership.

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