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September 26, 2017
Fires Causes Struggle to Find New Homes
October 24, 2017
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Last Friday, Support Teacher Housing hosted an event at the Washington Elementary, and we invited several members of the community.  Several supporters came as well and we thank you so much for making last Friday so great.

Thank you, Maria Marcelo and the Mamas Unidas for preparing a wonderful posole and beautiful decorations for the event!

Special Thanks to the Following for Attending!

  • Stephanie Palmieri Farias Principal
  • Teresa Catellanos SJ Unified School Board
  • Pam Foley SJ Unified School Board President
  • Nancy Albarran SJ Unified Superintendent
  • Patrick Bernhardt President San Jose Teachers Association
  • Brian Wheatley, Evergreen Teachers Association President
  • Jessica Rodriguez, MT Pleasant Teacher Association President
  • Council Members Raul Peralez and Don  Rocha
  • Mayor Sam Liccardo
  • Cindy Chavez Santa Clara County Supervisor
  • Senator Jim Beall

Senator Beall spoke about SB3 and how it can be used to build teacher housing.
Mayor Sam Liccardo spoke about using underutilized school sites for teacher housing

This event was a great opportunity for Senator Beall to honor Maria Marcelo as a California Leader.  The work she does is tremendous for the school and the community.

Friday was also an opportunity for us to move closer to make teacher housing a reality.  We had all the key members in one room:

  • San Jose Unified School District: Land & Board Support
  • Sarah Chaffin: Development & Real Estate Finance Knowledge to lead the project
  • Senator Jim Beall: SB3 Plan to Help Fund
  • Mayor Liccardo & Council Members Planning & Political Will
  • Maria & Mamas Unidas  Community Support
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