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Dear Supporters,

I wanted to take the time to review the Support Teacher Housing model with you because it can be implemented on any vacant or underutilized piece of land either private or public. We only need 1/3 of an acre of land and many of you may either have a piece of land we could use or know of a School District, City or County land that could be utilized.  When you are driving around Santa Clara County and you see an abandoned lot or a piece of property that has a structure and lots of open space think about Teacher Housing.  Ideally, we would like a location where teachers would be close to transportation, shops, and schools and could live in the community where they work!  Keep your eyes peeled for good locations!

The best solutions always come from the community!

All we need is a vacant or underutilized piece of land.  For example, other cities have actually put teacher housing behind school district office buildings where they had a large parking lot or think of those derelict parcels that are crime ridden, full of graffiti and garbage…I think teacher housing would be a great improvement!!!

Basically, we are going to take a private piece of land which does not have a mortgage or a public piece of land and combine it with high-quality low-cost technology.  This will allow us to build the teacher housing at a discounted rate so that we can then charge low rent to the teacher and they can save money for a down payment to buy their own home.

For example, at 2119 Lincoln Ave we estimated that we would have been able to charge the teacher $1,000 per month in rent and ask them to put $1,000 per month away in a savings/escrow account so that within 3 years they would have had the down payment for a $600,00 home.  We are also planning on combining this with a down payment assistance program so that the teachers could move into home ownership even quicker.  Representative Evan Low has proposed this type of down payment assistance model for teachers.  It would be great to combine his down payment assistance program with our model which is replicable and sustainable. and l are a bridge to home ownership as we want the teachers to be a permanent part of our community!!!

If you have a location idea, please email me at

Also, I will be happy to get together with any group or community members that would like a more detailed explanation of the model.  Please contact the same email address to set up a presentation.

Together we can make it happen!!!!



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