San Jose Mayor and Economist Can’t Solve Housing Crisis for San Jose

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June 9, 2017
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July 14, 2017
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Housing crisis

Early June, an article posted in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, What to do about San Jose’s housing shortage. This article details a meeting where the major of San Jose, Sam Liccardo and founder of Beacon Economics, Christopher Thornberg discussed the housing issues in the Silicon Valley. Both men agreed that there is an issue and a resolution needs to be met, but neither could agree on the source of the issue.

Liccardo felt that more houses need to be built. He also feels that the new houses that are built should be income restricted. He believes that once the houses are built that the problem will be solved. Thornberg brought up an excellent point observing the fact that there are individuals affording the houses that are in the area. The article states that the median price for housing in Santa Clara County is $950,000.

Housing for anyone in the Silicon Valley is a problem that seems to only be getting worse as time goes on. Sarah Chaffin, founder of Support Teacher Housing, is working to fix that. We are creating a replicable and sustainable teacher housing model on privately owned land without government funds using a social entrepreneurship model and green high quality low-cost technology.

This is a Pilot Program. Once the model is proven it can replicated for anyone who has a job, pays taxes, wants to own a home, and live where they work, including Social Workers, Caregivers, Nurses, and City/County Employees.

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