We Have Our Final Hearing on August 8th

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San Jose Mayor and Economist Can’t Solve Housing Crisis for San Jose
June 27, 2017
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Support Teacher Housing has overcome our first obstacle, but we need you there to make affordable teacher housing a reality.

Hearing information:

San Jose City Council FINAL Hearing

Tuesday August 8th @ 6:00 PM

City of San Jose Council Chambers

200 E. Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113


San Jose is ranked #6 in top public schools, but the struggle of maintaining teachers in the area can impact the education of our children. Teachers are the future of our children. Jennifer Thomas, President of San Jose Teachers Association has expressed that she has seen teachers, counselors, and other education personnel because they cannot afford to stay in the area. The Teacher Housing Act of 2016 has opened opportunities, but many of those opportunities struggle to come into fruition. Teachers in San Jose earn anywhere from $53,780-$77,870 and rent can be anywhere from 2,842 for a one bedroom and 3,115 for a two-bedroom apartment. Buying a house is nearly never in the picture. Sarah Chaffin has taken the opportunity that she was given to provide teacher housing for teachers in San Jose.

On May 8th, 2017 Ramona Giwargis from the Mercury News detailed some of Sarah’s pushback that she received from the San Jose City Hall.

On May 24th Sarah was able to meet with the Planning Department, not only did Sarah bring a compelling argument and detailed plans, Sarah came prepared. Along with a sincere, well thought out plan, to create up to 16 apartment units for the teachers of San Jose, along came an impressive group of supporters. Each believing in Sarah’s vision and each supporter spoke of why Sarah’s plan for housing is one that the city of San Jose needs.

The support was so overwhelming that they agreed that the plan for affordable teacher housing should not be denied and that a follow up hearing has been scheduled on Tuesday of August 8th at the San Jose City Council at 6PM. With the support, the Affordable Teacher Housing is getting we are expecting to see more support for Sarah and her cause. To make this plan become a reality, Sarah and her team needs you! We need to see you, your friends, and your neighbors at the San Jose City Council Chambers to show your support IN PERSON.

Download Our Save the Date Flyer: August 8 City Council Save the Date Flyer


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