Fires Causes Struggle to Find New Homes

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October 17, 2017
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We have all heard about the terrible fires that have been spreading throughout the Northern Bay Area.  Many of us have even seen the smoke filling the sky.  These California fires have impacted thousands of lives.

  • 41 people have died
  • About 100,000 have been evacuated out of their homes 
  • People have been forced to move into shelters, with friends or family
  • Many do not have a permanent place to live 

After reading an article in the NY Times, California Fires Leave Many Homeless Where Housing Was Already Scarce, it was heartbreaking.  There were several families that had only 15 minutes to collect any valuables and in some cases less.

Housing is needed more than ever.  Most of those affected lost everything.  And are now forced to try to find housing in cities that have excessively high rent prices.  Many families have been forced to move as far as San Francisco & Oakland.

You Can Help!

Find out how to help community members that were affected by the fires, including first responders, click here. 

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